Declaration of the Quality and Environmental policy.


CAMPOS MONTAVERNER, S.L.U. since its first foundation, has been absolutely committed to Quality, as the backbone of its strategy as a company.
The policy of CAMPOS MONTAVERNER, S.L.U., regarding quality, is to carry out our products and services in accordance with the requirements and needs of our clients, as well as with the legal requirements and any other that is subscribed, without accepting any commitment that may affect these principles, being the permanent analysis of results and continuous improvement the basic management method.

For this, the Management of CAMPOS MONTAVERNER, S.L.U., undertakes to faithfully comply with the Quality policy and exposed, in this declaration, whose objective is to continuously develop and improve the Quality Management System. As well as ensuring that they are respected by all the people who make up and collaborate with the company. For this, it will establish and announce objectives and goals that will be analyzed as a tool for the revision of the system.

The Management of CAMPOS MONTAVERNER, S.L.U. will permanently evaluate the application and effectiveness of the provisions, continuously evolving and improving.

The Management of CAMPOS MONTAVERNER, S.L.U. will announce its policy, encourage and promote cooperation and mutual respect with employees, suppliers, collaborators, as well as with customers, their representatives and collaborators, and with representatives of public administrations.