If you can dream it,
we can weave it.

Campos began its business venture by creating knitted fabrics to improve the quality and finish of mattresses.
The textile sector has undergone a major transformation from producing traditional fabrics and finishes to become a pioneer of great designs, fabrics and treatments with the aim of improving the quality of your sleep. Campos has invested heavily in innovation, machinery and equipment to keep up to date with the most innovative fabrics and techniques in order to anticipate market trends.

The softness your mattress needs can be found at Campos; the softness that you can't see, but you can feel.


Discover our new collections, at the forefront of the latest trends that dominate the sector.


Harmony supports a lightness that balances the senses. It creates eternal places, radiated with serenity and conductors of purity. Environments that evoke essential sensations.


The consciousness that transports us to our origins. It creates organic and respectful environments, overflowing with warmth that embraces you. Welcoming, everlasting and fascinating, like nature, the greatest source of beauty and inspiration.


The essence of things lies in its form and how it has been shaped. Complex compositions, carefully designed and created, give you infinite possibilities to create environments with unique personality.


The difference is what defies the established rules. To revolutionize the structures of the established we use innovation and originality. The pleasant challenge of going one step ahead creating the never before seen.

Color chart
of fabrics and

Our main objective is to provide you with facilities so that you can visualize and select the options that best suit your needs without having to move. Discover the wide range of possibilities we offer with our premium yarn and fabric charts. We’ve created this digital archive to let you explore and choose from a variety of tones and threads from the comfort of your home or office.

Explore our options and immerse yourself in the world of stretch fabrics from the comfort of your screen!

If you have any questions or queries about our fabrics or need a tailor-made fabric, write to us!