This finish allows you to constantly control the temperature of your fabric so that it is always at the ideal point.

Improves thermal comfort

Reduces perspiration and sweating

Enhances the quality of rest

PCM generates thermoregulation.

The thermoregulatory treatment in mattress fabrics is a technology designed to maintain an optimal temperature during sleep.

Thermoregulatory fabrics incorporate microcapsules that respond to body heat. When it’s hot and the body sweats, these microcapsules absorb moisture and release coolness, helping to maintain a feeling of freshness and dryness. When it’s cold, the microcapsules retain heat and provide a warmer and cozier sensation.


Did you know?

Thermoregulatory technology in mattress fabrics was inspired by NASA research. Space suits worn by astronauts need to maintain a constant temperature in space, where temperatures can be extremely cold or hot. To achieve this, NASA developed thermoregulatory fabrics that could absorb and release heat according to the astronaut’s needs.

The curiosity lies in how space research and the need to keep astronauts comfortable in extreme environments have led to the development of technologies that improve sleep quality on Earth. This thermoregulatory technology has become a key feature in high-end mattresses, providing a more comfortable rest tailored to each person’s temperature preferences.

Quality of rest