ECOLIFE YARNS is a range of sustainable products created by the company BELDA LLORENS to offer a 360º sustainable service in the textile sector.

With their E*movement they seek to build a global movement through joint work, creating an extensive network of companies and brands willing to make a sector and a more sustainable world.

You will be part of the ECOLIFE movement, responsible, conscious and respectful; but also creative, colorful and full of energy.

Ecolife Yarns Average Savings in 1 Year

The sustainable yarns of Ecolife by Belda Lloréns

In ECOLIFE they base the production of ecological threads on the use of mixtures of this type of fibers. And so they offer a stock service and colors in different titles and proportions. During the production process, all waste or shrinkage is collected and thus, again, 80% is reused. That is, they return to the same production process or sell them to other spinning mills and for other purposes.

Ecolife products


50% Organic Cotton
50% Colored Recycled Cotton


60% Recycled Cotton
40% BCI Cotton


50% Recycled Cotton
50% Recycled Polyester


20% Recycled Viscose
80% EcoVero Viscose


75% Viscosa
25% Lana Non Mulesed Wool


100% Recycled Polyester


60% EcoVero Viscose
20% Recycled Viscose
20% Linen


Ecological, antibacterial and antiviral yarns


50% God Earth Cotton
50% Recycled Cotton
50% Tencel


50% Organic Cotton
50% Recycled Cotton and Denim post consumer


30% Hemp
60% Organic Cotton
70% Tencel

Did you know?

The mattress is made with sustainable yarns from the ECOLIFE YARNS brand.

55% RECYCLED POLYESTER from reused plastic bottles.

45% RECYCLED COTTON from surplus garments previously selected in colors.

In this way, the entire industrial process of planting virgin cotton, dyes
and finishes is avoided 100%.