Cotton is a natural fiber obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant, so it is a 100% natural vegetable fiber.

Cotton is the fabric with the most widespread uses and is one of the most widely used fibers in the textile industry due to its availability and versatility.

It is soft, durable, breathable, and is used in a variety of textile products. In addition to being fresh and light, it absorbs moisture and does not cause skin irritation.

It is resistant, elastic and easy to care for, it is very washable and easy to care for, ideal for fabrics that are used frequently. In addition, it is a very durable fiber and better resistant to pilling compared to other fibers.

It is also an insulating fiber and resistant to high temperatures.

It is characterized by its comfort and versatility, being used in clothing, bedding, towels.

The cultivation of cotton is one of the oldest and is considered a social crop since it generates work and livelihood for families in the regions where it is planted.


Did you know?

It is the most important textile fiber produced in the world since it represents almost half of the world consumption of textile fibers.


Soft and light

Moisture absorption

Thermal insulation


Odor inhibitor