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Since the Campos family founded the company in 1997, it has been run with immovable values that Enrique passed on to his children and that have led us on the path of success for a quarter of a century: effort, passion and empathy. Through perseverance and honesty in our work, we quickly positioned ourselves in the industry at a national level and later as pioneers at a European and global level.

We celebrate 25 years with the second generation taking the reins, respecting the essence and character of the company but opening new paths that adapt to the times and its progress. Without removing the focus on the human factor, aware that the value of Campos resides in each one of its workers, they have maintained our commitment to the quality of their product and care for the environment by developing innovation and sustainability plans that mark a new stage for the company.

Campos is a clear example that hard work, commitment and know-how are the only keys to achieving and maintaining success. This is how we have become a leading European company in the fabric sector, mainly mattresses, with a clear international projection.



“With a second generation so prepared, so involved in management and so excited about innovation… the growth of Campos Montaverner is assured. The team transmits energy and professionalism, pride in a job well done” Ana Rodríguez, CEO of Lladró.


“Campos breaks down old barriers and brings together cutting-edge technology and young, highly specialized talent. Special mention to female talent(…). My most sincere congratulations for these 25 years but allow me to congratulate you in advance for the 25 to come. We know that you are going for everything in a sector that is not at its best in Spain and those of us who know you know that you are going to achieve it.” Ángela Pérez, Vice President of Business Development at Health in Code and winner of the Jaume I 2023 Award for the Entrepreneur.